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It's not really the greetings cards that are exciting, it's what is in them that counts...

We don't make amazing jackets that sell a batch out in three minutes, we're not getting a whole town its jobs back. Generally people don't get super excited about greetings cards and paper wares. I get that.

I want you to be excited about post again.

That feeling as the rain throws down outside your front door of seeing an old friend's handwriting on a little brown envelope. That warmth and joy that floods from your hand upwards as you pick it up and take it somewhere to open it and read what's inside. Our envelopes are purposefully bigger to allow for added notes or that packet of leftover garden seeds you'll share. We think about the little details.

We know that many of you worry about the effects of chopping down trees to make these things. You're our kind of people for exactly that reason. It worries us too and is why we use 100% recycled stock as our general standard for cards and envelopes.

It's also why there was a crisis of faith about being a designer a little while back. That somehow it doesn't seem like enough of a job to be doing when there are so many seemingly more important things going on right now.

I was born a designer. I don't really know how to do anything else, it's in my soul (and probably my genetics with a grandfather that was a sign writer on one side and a great grandfather that was a print journeyman on the other). A change in career is not for me but I needed a deeper purpose. I soon realised that we all need that connection that comes with mail that lands with a thud, not a ping and that with the design jobs I have a great opportunity to be the good that I want to see in the industry. To produce environmentally considerate work and not only use recycled stock or "green" materials to limit environmental impact, but actually be earth positive and plant new trees and wildlife habitats as part of our efforts.

We're ambitious with our ideas for both business growth (reaching more people and doing more awesome jobs, it's more important to us to lead an exciting life than make a tonne of money) and positive environmental reach. We're passionate about helping you to share your stories in a beautiful and soulful way that doesn't cost the earth.

We want to make the greenest greetings cards available. We want your wedding to leave a great lasting impression on the earth as well as on your guests. We want your business to make small changes and design choices that will add up.

In short, we want to make more than just great looking paper goods, we want to make a difference.

Elegantly bold

With design that at times takes on the quiet and observant nature of an archivist to the conversely bold antics of a fluorescent clad street dancer, "elegantly bold" seemed to capture both aesthetics nicely. Equally at ease with minimalist black and white illustrations as typography in fluorescent inks that are near on eye ache inducing (in a good way). If you haven't seen our work yet, take a look here.

Environmentally Conscious

We've been environmentally conscious as a household and business since before sustainability was featured so heavily in the spotlight. Every design decision is generally followed by the questioning of how that product sits with the environment and if it doesn't sit comfortably how can we do it differently. We follow a "do no harm" principle and try to instill this in clients too. More on our environmental actions here.

More about who we are, what we do and who for on our design "HIRE" page here.
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