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Actions speak louder than words

It would be very easy to be intimidated by a subject like sustainability and saving the planet. Easy to get so scared and feel like it was too big, so that we just do nothing. But we find the best way with most things is, just start.

We started some time ago with simple things like paper choices. That progressed to packaging choices. Then further to energy choices and that enthusiasm has spilled over in to our home life; we aren't just recycling (which we've always done) and using green energy, but learning about things like food sustainability. We've never been particularly wasteful but to learn that you can make something out of most parts of an ingredient is pure magic (carrot top pesto, I'm talking about you).

A recent crisis in career choice (a bit more on that in the "ABOUT" section here ) prompted the feeling that people will always want cards / stationery and design and so the best thing that I could do was make the greenest cards and stationery and help people make environmentally invested design choices.

Our promise to our clients and to the planet

Is to be passionately invested in making environmentally conscious choices in all that we do. This means products that are made from:

- 100% recycled paper / card stock for our printed in-house range

- 100% recycled stock for our in-house range of envelopes

and packaged in:

- compostable (made from vegetable starch) biodegradable display wrappers

- recycled packaging utilised wherever possible for posting

- paper padded envelopes instead of plastic bubble wrap ones and paper tape created and produced using green energy with 100% renewable electricity

and this is just the beginning.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” - Chinese Proverb

Exactly this. Because we are intent on making a positive impact on this lovely planet we live on, we spend our free time trying to remake an outdoor space that has been drained of its life. We are planting an edible garden that is good for us as well as the bees, planting trees, trying to manage the existing fruit trees back to health and planting a wildflower meadow. We're now learning about soil health and trying to help with that too.

It's a small space and rented, but we wanted to sink our teeth into something as an alternative to sponsoring someone else to do the good for us. We also hope to get the hang of the growing food bit to give some to a just forming food co-op in our village too. Our little farm (micro really) days are documented at @adventuresingreyandgreen on Instagram.

"Good" finds

We are continually trying to educate ourselves on how we can do more. Here are some great people and initiatives we've found along the way so far...



The UK's biggest green energy supplier.

Tom Hunt


We've met some chefs who are pretty passionate about food waste (and combating it) but have to say that Tom's enthusiasm is infectious. Tom Hunt's "Waste Not" series has some inspiring ideas on what to do with the bits of food you'd usually bin.

Eco Craft


Our long time paper and packaging suppliers.

Tree Bombs


An easy way to gift the power to help green up the earth with plantable tree seed balls.

Countryside Classroom


Connecting schools with food, farming and the natural environment.

1% for the Planet


Founded on the simple principle that "because companies profit from the resources they take from the earth, they should protect those resources."

Sustainable Food Cities


Sustainable Food Cities approach involves developing cross-sector partnerships committed to working together to make healthy and sustainable food a defining characteristic of where they live.

The Orchard Project


The Orchard Project is bringing community orchards to cities and towns across the country.

Trees for Cities


The only UK charity working at a national and international scale to improve lives by planting trees in cities. Part of their project is edible playgrounds that "offer a lively, engaging, multi-sensory way to teach children about growing and eating healthy food".

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