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A fusion of a love of greenery and being "green".

Bringing botany into our homes and lives to create a happier and healthier environment, one plant at a time.
The project arose from a marital love of "green" - botanical greenery in my case and the wider environmental kind in his. Our joint ethos and ethics became a catalyst to green up our home and learn about how to look after each plant under our care.

It all started with a list of plant names provided by the research from NASA on "Plants for Indoor Air Pollution Abatement" - we now have a fairly respectable botanical reference library too.

Spreading our enthusiasm and knowledge and empowering people to feel like they could keep plants (the average individual is surprisingly wary of houseplants, concerned that they will kill them) and to help them to green up their homes and surroundings was a goal from the beginning. The deeper we dug, the more beneficial reasons to do so surfaced.

It is our mission to grow (pun not intended, but we'll take it...) a community of plant lovers and a greener environment. Look out for some exciting things coming from us - sign up to our mailing list to be kept up to date on developments here.

We've put together some plant guides based on our first hand knowledge and our found learnings to help you choose something suited to your home and lifestyle. The guides also feature a quick reference on what each plant can do for your air quality - you can find them here. We'll be adding more as our knowledge base (and plant family) grows, if there is something in particular you would like to see featured, get in touch via the contact form or email me at nicole (at) alfies - studio (dot) com.


Plants are individual beings and no two are the same. There's a good chance yours will look different to the one shown.

Most of our plants have been chosen for their air cleansing properties, some for their quirks and beauty and ease of keeping. In general, we have tried to select the smallest available of a kind to keep the price point low and a green home an accessible and achievable thing. Love your plants and they will grow, there is joy in the journey of watching that as well as in owning some splendid indoor greenery.


We are working towards buying all of our plants from UK based growers (like Abbey Brook Cactus Nursery shown in the banner image above - more about our visit coming soon). We are scouring the country. It will take time. This is something that we feel passionately, both in terms of supporting small and independent growers but also cutting overseas freighting and air miles. They cost a little more than the alternative, but we feel it is the right thing to do. If you know of any UK based growers, by all means - tell us!

Begin your journey to a greener home and shop the range here...

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