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An introduction to the people of Alfie's Studio...
Primarily run by Nicole Clark but essentially a family business. There are 4.5 of us and only two of those actually old enough to "work". Learn more below...

Nicole of Alfie's Studio

Nicole Clark
- founder / designer

Font fanatic, outdoor cook, lover of jumpers. Excited by paper, print methods, forests and beaches.

Designs, prints, produces, oversees external print / production. The person you'll deal with if you contact / work with Alfie's Studio.

Alan of Alfie's Studio

Alan Clark
- production chief

Production and logistics. Cuts, packs and posts the big orders after a wrist injury sustained a couple of years ago when cutting two thousand cards by hand means Nicole can no longer do it all herself.

Puts up with hours of "what do you think of this font?".


Dom Clark

A voice of reason. Will give a measured and honest opinion on anything from kerning to colours. Even though he doesn't really know what kerning is, he still gets it.

Spends all of his spare time somewhere with his head buried in a book and lives for bbq's and campfires (especially when there are s'mores involved).


Eve Clark

Quite often a streak of blonde and faux fur running wild and free.

Has an eye for style already at the grand age of nine. Will quickly say if something is boring or lacking in "cool".

Oversees designs for littles.

And Alfie...

The .5 after whom the studio is named, our muse and our ever absent member.

Made present through our quest to be excellent at what we do and the brightest star in the night sky. Always in our hearts.

You can read more about ALF on the blog here.

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