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Back to School Pocket Hug
Client: Lucy Haslam / Acorn and Pip

Lucy owns children's concept store Acorn and Pip. Based in the next village over they are a good place to eat and a great place to buy well considered children's items. Some of our favourite games have come from there, one so raucous it actually resulted in a nose bleed (I think it was related to an air pressure thing from having been on the Euro-tunnel the day before, but that makes for a far less interesting story).

She is one of the friendliest people you could hope to meet and has a super stylish eye for detail.

With the worry of back to school times looming large she wanted to make a pocket hug to remind her little girl that she would be with her in spirit, cheering her on, even if not there in person.

What says bravery better than a lion? Not much. A gentle and brave lion resides on one side of the token, the words BRAVE + LOVED on the flip side. Made by our friends Hord who live on the opposite side of the valley to us and the backing card designed and printed by us in-house, all assembled by Lucy.

They sold out within 4 days of hitting the shelves and went to a second production run in the same week!

Photos by Acorn and Pip / Hord

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