Work - Atkinson Wedding Invitation

Atkinson Wedding Party Invite
Client: Giles and Paphorn Atkinson

The design for this took on the theme of long distance, old time love.

Paphorn is originally from Thailand, Giles from the UK, the two met in London. There was a certain amount of to and fro between countries for a while and so the themes of distance relationships of times begone and correspondence across the seas fit together beautifully.

The wedding took place in Thailand and the two hosted a party for friends and family back in the UK. They wrote a letter to tell of their wedding adventure and included a poster with details of their barn dance / ceilidh on, complete with tickets to the event and reply telegram. All of this sent in a string and washer envelope to complete the old-time feel.

The papers and cards were all individually treated (heat on an AGA hob to give the aged look) to give the feel of correspondence that had been kept and treasured for years.

Possibly our favourite (and, at times, smelliest, with a few papers over-scorched) project to date.

Alfie's StudioWork - Atkinson Wedding Invitation