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Me & Orla Re-Brand
Client: Sara Tasker / Me & Orla

Sara and I met through instagram (as is often the way these days) and decided a cake date was in order after realising from some of the images in her feed that we live, quite literally, over the hill from one another.

Working for the NHS but full of potential, Sara had an Instagram following that was gaining momentum and an internet presence that was growing by the day. I helped her make the move from being a part time instagrammer and blogger to quitting her "day job" to pursue making a living from her online activities. She has gone on to forge a career in writing, photography and creative coaching, working with clients that range from individuals to global brands.

Sara's logo was created by translating her strong personal brand (peachy nude, white and grey tones reign supreme) into something visual, tangible and marketable to present her professional but grounded persona to the online world.

The images shown are of the brand and its components, collaborative Pinterest board and a "before and after" of the Me & Orla blog.

Photo by Sara Tasker / Me & Orla

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