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Everyday Superhero
Client: Sophie Powell and Milla Reid / Super Sydney + His Amazing Pals

An old boss once commented that I have an irrational love of any massively labour intensive job. It seems I really do. These Pennants are printed as felt sheets by the guys at Huddersfield Screenprinters then starched multiple times, ironed (again multiple times to set the starch well) and then cut to shape by hand. The whole process takes days but is so supremely satisfying that I wouldn't have it any other way.

These were offered as a reward for backing the launch of the Super Sydney + His Amazing Pals book and sent out along with a risograph printed "thank you" card also designed by us.

Sophie loved them so much that an illustrated version of one found its way into the book! A proud and beautifuly surprising moment to first learn of that having a copy in hand and seeing it for myself.

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