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Good Stuff
Client: Charlie Gladstone / The Good Life Experience

I'm not sure I can remember a Good Life since the first one (that was basically like an over size garden party) that didn't have workwear of some sort for the all important "Guardians of the Good Times". It has become part of the fabric of the festival (no pun intended), with this year's designs being so popular that many people have requested being able to buy their own.

The rich blue workwear by Yarmouth Oilskins is the perfect base for (you've guessed it) a fluro design to really shine out. So much so that it seems that cameras and photos seem to struggle to understand quite what is happening with the colour!

Screenprinted by those good guys at Huddersfield Screenprinters again who now know to expect something fluro will be on the agenda whenever I walk through their studio door.

Photos by Department Two / The Good Life Experience

Alfie's StudioWork - TGLE Workwear 2019