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Two Fields
Client: Will and Harry Rolph / Two Fields

Will is one of those innately kind people that radiates a friendly warmth from the first time that you meet him. We've yet to meet Harry but we're sure he's probably of a similar disposition.

They pour love and soul into all that they do. The end product for sure (which is the best olive oil we've ever tasted), but also the process. Every detail cared for, every olive tree loved.

A gifted package of oregano and salt was the unlikely precursor to this project, you can read more about that here.

The cards are a debut edition of a release coming in 2021, this time a bespoke size so that they will fit the gift packaging to be used.

Printed and finished in-house.

Two olive trees will be planted in our own (very small) field on general release of the cards to help stay earth positive and remind us of two fields in a distant land.

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