69 - New Stockist - Botany


Back in March I had the pleasure of discovering Botany via the Toast Instagram feed (@toasttravels). Botany is now not only firmly placed on my list of indie shops to visit when I finally make it to London in early summer but also, proudly, the newest Alfies Studio stockist.

Botany is inspired by beautiful living, founded in 2014 by Angela Maynard and is a concept lifestyle store housing a carefully curated selection of plants, flowers & design-led items for the home.

Head on over to the website to see what Botany is all about or pop in to the store on Chatsworth Road in Hackney, London.

All images via www.botanyshop.co.uk

68 - The Good Life Experience 2015



The Gladstones and Cerys Matthews are at it again!

Following on from last year's brilliant Good Life Experience (see the review here) the team have been putting together an event that is set to be even bigger and better this year!

With a heavy Cuban influence, more craft workshops and demonstrations to inspire and some fabulously inspirational people in attendance (Ben Fogle anyone?!) I'm sure by the end of the weekend we'll all be planning our next adventures or returning home with a few new skills up our sleeves.

We're looking forward to; Cuban cocktails, Ben Fogle, Bill Granger, Carbecue, endless fairground rides, axe throwing, abseiling and bushcraft. We'll be camping this year too to make the most of the evening festivities and the extension of the festival to cover Friday and Sunday at the main site.

You can get tickets at early bird prices until Monday so be quick and head on over to Pedlars for yours. That having said it's the most reasonably priced festival I've come across and under 8's are free! Family and financially friendly, because the good life really is for everyone.

All images supplied by Pedlars / The Good Life Experience. Even the last one with my son in!

Please Note - This is NOT a sponsored or paid post.
I'm promoting this event because quite frankly, it's going to be brilliant if last year is anything to go by. I've built up a working relationship with Charlie Gladstone through working on projects for Pedlars (see my collaborations page on my shop if you are interested) and wanted to help spread the news of his excellent work on this project.

If you have a project / festival / product that you think I and readers of this blog would be interested in, I'd be happy to feature that too (if I think it'd be a good fit) - get in touch.

67 - Digital Spring Clean


Alfies Studio Paper Echoes Cards - You're the Seagull to My Chips
Alfies Studio Letter Writing Stationery Set - Envelopes and A5 writing paper
Alfies Studio Memo Note Cards Stationery
Alfies Studio Telegram Note Cards with Envelopes
Alfies Studio test tubes for creating wedding favours

With the lighter days come sunshine filled rooms. With sunshine filled rooms comes the realisation that your home has become a spider metropolis over winter. Instead of reaching for the duster or getting those suckers vacuumed up (because with dusting you're just flapping the "fluff" around, right?) I started to think about my online residence (shop) and digital files on my computer. Anyone that follows me on Instagram will know that I'm constantly re-jigging my bookshelves to be able to fit more books in, get rid of old books we're never reading again and generally tidy up and I hit the point when I felt like I needed to do the same with my digital assets as well as my product range.

I spent Easter weekend photographing (and coming up with a few new) products and re-jigging my shop site to be a bit more user friendly, tell you what you want to know in as little time as possible (because you need to be creating adventures to share rather than spending a long time shopping for stuff to share them with) and generally get it together. It was time well spent. I feel so much better about my online presentation of myself and my products / services I'm gonna celebrate by busting out the vacuum first thing in the morning.

Above are some of the new goods added to the site recently. Head over to the shop to take a look, I'd love to know what you think.

Also, in celebration of National Stationery Week and the Bank Holiday weekend take 10% off all orders over £5 til Tuesday 5th May with code SPRINGBANK. You're welcome.

66 - Spring


Alfies Studio - Daffodils

I've had it in my mind for some time now that I wanted to write a very specific post today. Something profound that would touch you, maybe even move you to donate some of your hard earned money to a charity that really deserves a lot more publicity than it gets (Sands), or help other stillbirth survivors finding this post through the magic of google. Somehow, the fire and passion to do that just isn't there. It seems to have relinquished its power and turned to barely glowing embers.

At this point seven years ago I was sitting in a stuffy and overcrowded antenatal clinic, waiting for an ultrasound scan to see if my baby was breech. The Mr reading his Stephen King book and I daydreaming (probably about getting to bathe little toes in a week or so with the baby being due in a few days). I had no idea that my life was about to change in a completely incomprehensible way forever.

All these years later, the birds have begun to sing again. I think they stopped as I watched a Robin gather food in the hospital garden while we were waiting. Life left me in lots of ways that day, but somehow, it seems it's finally spring.

65 - New Stockist - Hero


I've been a bit slow to share (appologies) but am pleased to announce that the lovely ladies at Hero are the latest addition to the Alfies Studio stockists list. Their Hampshire based fashion and lifestyle store is about curating items with a timeless style and easy elegance that elevates the everyday, in other words, a perfect fit for Alfies Studio.

All images taken from Hero social media and web site.

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