55.3 Photo-shoot with Lucy Little


Alfies Studio - Northern Flower, Manchester
Alfies Studio - Northern Flower, Manchester
Alfies Studio - Northern Flower, Manchester
Alfies Studio - Delicate fern
Alfies Studio- Found urban gardening
Alfies Studio- Found urban gardening

The final set of images to share with you from my recent photo-shoot with Lucy Little Photography.

Flora has been a big part of my heritage and history, something that I've grown up with and love to this day. I often head on down to the florist for inspiration for adding to my botanical range and find myself capturing lots of botanical images on my phone (theres nothing like focus to realise how diverse your local landscape is) whilst I'm out and about, I'm so glad to have been able to include this in the visual narrative that Lucy captured for me.

One of my favourite parts of the shoot... the last two photos. An urban allotment/garden on the edge of a car park in inner city Manchester. A true thing of beauty to see things being grown in such an urban space.

55.2 Photo-shoot with Lucy Little


Alfies Studio - City Streets Portrait
Alfies Studio - City Streets Portrait
Alfies Studio - City Streets Portrait
Alfies Studio - City Streets Portrait

More images from the Manchester photo-shoot with the lovely Lucy Little Photography.

With Alfies Studio being a one-woman-show I really wanted something a bit different from the average work-place bio shot. Something that shows a little more of my personality and who I am, tells my narrative. Those were the driving points behind the shoot.

I'm not afraid to own the fact that my business is solely mine. I'm glad to be past the days of trying to cover up that fact in my business descriptions with the generic "we". Solopreneurs, you know what I'm talking about, change anything that says "we" into "I" - immediately!. You own it, you've earned it, be proud of what you can do singlehandedly and be happy to champion your individual status.

I've coached new businesses with this point whilst designing their identities and hit a point where I realised that I wasn't actually following my own advice and was in fact using "we" in all of my descriptive areas. I've learnt that it doesn't matter so much how something might be perceived (I worried that being a "me/I" rather than "we" might put people off or make them think I wasn't worthy in some way in the early days), the truth always wins out when it comes to attracting your people and dream clients. It's who you are and what you do that matters, not the size of the business you own or how many staff you have.

I'm making quite a statement with the style of photography. I know that dark and brooding urban cityscapes or even florist shops (thats the next post) aren't everyone's cup of tea. That Converse high-tops with a vintage Dior tux jacket may horrify some people. Therein lies the beauty of the thing. The people that it all screams amazing or awesome to, they are my kind of people.

Whether you own your own business and struggle being "I" or find yourself typically trying to crowd-please in every day life, don't. Just be you. You are brilliant, just as you are.

55.1 - Photo-shoot with Lucy Little


Bonbon Choclate Boutique Window
Bonbon Choclate Boutique Tables
Alfies Studio Departures Card
Alfies Studio Coastal Card Set
Alfies Studio Coastal Card Set
Cafe Working

So these past few months I haven't written much as you will have noticed. Client work and projects have taken priority over blogging (as well as enjoying the sunshine whilst it lasts!). I have lots of lovely work to share with you, but these images just hit my desk yesterday and I'm so far beyond excited about them that I cleared my morning to gather them together to share with you.

Since seeing the beautiful work of Choate House via the talented ladies at Braid at the end of last year, I've been on the hunt for someone a little more local who could bring my brand and products to life. Back in February / March time I had the fortune to stumble across the work of a very talented lady who goes by the name of Lucy Little. If you hop on over to her blog (here) you'll see more of the beautiful imagery that she creates for people (and probably end up with wedding envy, some of the days that she gets to shoot are truly amazing). Her work lies somewhere between portrait, fashion and documentary photography and blends all of these elements to create a narrative, sharing your story.

Great photography can make the world of difference to a brand.

I'm so so pleased with the images that Lucy produced from our shoot in Manchester and looking forward to the start of a new phase for Alfies Studio.

More images to follow soon.

54 - Sunday Suppers


Olive Tree and table setting
organiclly arranged floral table centre piece
Enamelware beautifully presented fish supper
Flowers in jars and enamelware cups for a casual afternoon tea

I haven't been the best at "blogging" and whilst I'm not particularly interested in the title I would like to take the time to share my finds more often. Mostly because I believe in giving recognition to indie businesses and helping individuals grow their dreams. Still, don't expect a regular editorial calendar out of me, one step at a time...

Sunday Suppers is a communal cooking centre in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - running cooking classes that are followed by a seated dinner, they work with local artisans and crafters to create monthly events.

They say their site is "an inspiration space documenting food, travel and life". I think it is a site to be inspired by, a visual guideline on making food, on gatherings and beauty through simplicity. I look and I see a visual "how to" on creating a narrative with soul.

Take a look here.

Photos are styled and photographed by Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers – Design by Simple Song

53 - Grand Budapest Hotel


Grand Budapest Hotel Poster
Grand Budapest Hotel Design
Grand Budapest Hotel - Mendl's box and book
Grand Budapest Hotel Design - Agatha's passport
Grand Budapest Hotel Design - Parcel, Boy With Apple and newspaper

We managed to see "The Grand Budapest Hotel" last weekend (thanks to the in-laws for babysitting).
I can't help but feel pulled around by my emotional split on this film. On one hand there is the fondant icing facade (literally in the case of the hotel, just look at those colours...) but delve deeper and there is a historically relevant and really quite sad story.

The story is an obvious fabrication (being that Zubrowka isn't even a real place) but the occupation of the hotel by the military and some of the sub-plots were certainly quite truth bearing. I could honestly sit and watch it as a silent movie anyway and not worry about plot. The level of detail creates a visual feast and as a designer I am in awe of the job that Annie Atkins did as lead graphic designer. I feel a Mendl's inspired wedding invite suite on the horizon, the sugary sweetness of it all is too tempting not to.

You can see Annie Atkins work above, visit her site http://annieatkins.com/ to see more of her work

Images via: creativereview.com | fastcodedesign.com | annieatkins.com/

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