66 - Spring


Alfies Studio - Daffodils

I've had it in my mind for some time now that I wanted to write a very specific post today. Something profound that would touch you, maybe even move you to donate some of your hard earned money to a charity that really deserves a lot more publicity than it gets (Sands), or help other stillbirth survivors finding this post through the magic of google. Somehow, the fire and passion to do that just isn't there. It seems to have relinquished its power and turned to barely glowing embers.

At this point seven years ago I was sitting in a stuffy and overcrowded antenatal clinic, waiting for an ultrasound scan to see if my baby was breech. The Mr reading his Stephen King book and I daydreaming (probably about getting to bathe little toes in a week or so with the baby being due in a few days). I had no idea that my life was about to change in a completely incomprehensible way forever.

All these years later, the birds have begun to sing again. I think they stopped as I watched a Robin gather food in the hospital garden while we were waiting. Life left me in lots of ways that day, but somehow, it seems it's finally spring.

65 - New Stockist - Hero


I've been a bit slow to share (appologies) but am pleased to announce that the lovely ladies at Hero are the latest addition to the Alfies Studio stockists list. Their Hampshire based fashion and lifestyle store is about curating items with a timeless style and easy elegance that elevates the everyday, in other words, a perfect fit for Alfies Studio.

All images taken from Hero social media and web site.

64 - Underworld Live


A teenage dancing queen. Music to write a dissertation to. Festivals, early twenties. A Neoclassical courtyard, a Wesleyan Chapel. Typographic champions. Tomato. Mmm... Skyscraper, I love you. His energy is infectious. I dance because I can't help it. No longer a slinky girl, but I don't care.

Rabbit warren Albert Hall - I want to visit you in the daylight and explore. Underworld - I promise not to leave it so long til the next time.

63 - Mountains


Alfies Studio Blog Post 63 - Mountains - Snowdon
Alfies Studio Blog Post 63 - Mountains - Ben Nevis
Alfies Studio Blog Post 63 - Mountains - Ben Nevis
Alfies Studio Blog Post 63 - Mountains - Scafell
Alfies Studio Blog Post 63 - Mountains - Sigiriya
Alfies Studio Blog Post 63 - Mountains - Cadair Idris
Alfies Studio Blog Post 63 - Mountains - Cadair Idris

Lately I've been getting out more, investing in some new clothes (I've become a little North Face obsessed...) to take me back to the old me and have enjoying putting one foot in front of the other.

I've always been a walker, always loved being outdoors and roaming for hours on end. The past couple of years I lost my way a little, drifted away from who I am and if I'm honest took a leave of absence from living at all during the dark times. Somehow now I feel like I'm back, I've returned to my former self and I'm done with surviving and ready to start living again, more than that, catching up on lost time and making it all count. I've been through the toughest, hardest, worst time of my life and feel like if I've been there and done all that I can somehow manage almost anything.

Being honest, over the past decade I've let myself go. The hardest part of fixing that is realising it in the first place. I'm walking around ten miles a week now (not including the general up and down and round the house which, being four storeys tall probably notches up a mile or two without even really trying) and determined to get fit enough to hike mountains again by increasing this little by little (along with turning that extra length in to extra altitude).

To see where I'm hiking (usually on Sundays) follow me on over on Instagram.

From top to bottom: Snowdon - Wales, Ben Nevis - Scotland, Ben Nevis - Scotland, Scafell - England,  and a couple I've already done: Lion's Rock, Sigiriya - Sri Lanka (not technically a mountain but uber cool all the same and a difficult "climb" up), Cadair Idris - Wales, Cadair Idris - Wales. These images are not my own and the original sources can be found by clicking through.

62 - Now at Workshop


I have a new stockist that I am excited to share news of... I'm now stocked at WORKSHOP in Brighton. These guys have a truly wonderful aesthetic and seek to share their passion for items created with a simple approach to design and functionality. They believe in the little guys like me and have a beautifully curated store filled with well designed and crafted items.

You can take a look online at the edit of their store here or head on over to 13A Prince Albert Street, Brighton (my goods are available in-store only at the moment).

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